humantektur – one mission, two hearts

humantektur exists since 2015. Initially founded as a planning office, we now operate in the form of two different companies:

Through humantektur gUG, all non-profit projects in the context of development cooperation and disaster relief are managed. As we are recognized as a non-profit, we also solicit donations and public funding for this purpose. humantektur gUG mainly works with German and international non-governmental organizations and governmental organizations, as long as they also pursue non-profit purposes.

Architectural projects as well as energy efficiency consulting in Germany are managed by humantektur – Grausam & Buttler Architekten PartGmbB. In the construction projects planned by humantektur PartGmbB, particular emphasis is placed on sustainable construction methods. For example, the renewable building material wood is used for the most part in new construction projects in Germany. At the same time, we are registered energy efficiency experts and plan and advise on GEG and BEG standards. We place particular emphasis on bioclimatic architecture in combination with the sensible use of energy-efficient plant technology.